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Our Food Menu

We hope you enjoy our delicious menu items!

Our kitchen is open seasonally and there is a limited weekday menu available year round.

For seasonal items and special menu items, please follow us on OUR NEW FACEBOOK PAGE.


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A warm loaf of fresh bread with a thick, crispy crust and a soft, chewy crumb. Served with roasted garlic and herb butter and a honey cinnamon butter, all made from scratch in house.
whole (Feeds 4-6) 13.99
half (Feeds 2-3) 8.99

pepperoni balls

Hand made and hand cut dough stuffed with pepperoni and cheese, baked and served warm with a side of marinara sauce.
2 5.99
4 9.99



A delicious spread of meats and cheeses, hummus, olives, seedless grapes, and crackers
one size (Feeds 2-4) 15.99

gourmet cheese

Hand made in small batches by the Pennsylvania Amish, these gourmet cheeses are rich and flavorful. Enjoy three varieties of cheddar (sharp, wood smoked and minced garlic) with a brewpub mustard spread, crackers, mixed nuts, and apple slices.
one size (Feeds 3-4) 15.99

veggie tray

A variety of fresh veggies served with a classic creamy vegetable dip.
one size (Feeds 2-4) 9.99


beer cheese

Creamy cheddar cheese made with a New Belgium's Fat Tire amber ale. Served hot with soft pretzel bites and brewpub style mustard.
one size (Feeds 2-3) 11.99

Mexican trio

Choose just one dip, or get all three! Each dip is served with tortilla chips.
Salsa (serves 1-2) 6.99
Guacamole (serves 1-2) 8.99
Queso (serves 1-2) 8.99
Trio Platter (serves 4-6) 15.99



New York style cheesecake with your choice dessert sauce.
slice 6.99

ice cream sundae

Creamy vanilla ice cream topped with whipped cream and your choice of dessert sauce.
one size 4.99

sauce flavors: chocolate cherry wine reduction, chocolate strawberry wine reduction, *seasonal fruit compote, Hershey's chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, strawberry syrup
*limited availability


All sandwiches are served with kettle chips and a pickle unless substituted:
side salad + 3.99 coleslaw +1.99
Some menu items can be made vegan, vegetarian, or gluten free upon request.
extra meat + 1.99 extra cheese + 0.99

buffalo chicken grilled cheese

Everything you love about the classic party dip but on a grilled cheese. Made with hardwood smoked chicken, Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, and cheddar cheese

pizza panini

Gooey mozzarella and provolone, pepperoni, and savory sauce.

club sandwich

Roasted turkey breast, crispy smoked bacon, fresh lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese and mayo stacked high on a toasted sandwich bread.

cheesy caprese panini

Beautifully ripe tomato, melty mozzarella, fresh basil, and a drizzle of balsamic glaze.

pulled pork & coleslaw

This customer favorite starts with pork that’s been smoked for 14hrs, then dressed in BBQ sauce and topped with our made in house coleslaw. Includes an extra bit of slaw on the side.

BLT sandwich

Crispy smoked bacon, provolone cheese, fresh lettuce, tomato, and mayo

pesto grilled cheese

Melty Havarti cheese and our homemade pesto.

build your own grilled cheese

Choose 2 of the following cheeses:
Cheddar, Provolone, Mozzarella, Pepper Jack, or Havarti


garden salad

Fresh romaine lettuce with cucumber, red onion, tomatoes, croutons and dressing of choice: Ranch, Italian, or French
salad 8.99
add chicken 12.99

caesar salad

Fresh romaine lettuce with parmesan cheese, croutons and Caesar dressing.
salad 8.99
add chicken 12.99

Heritage Wine Cellars charcuterie boardFresh bread board with dipping saucesPulled pork sandwichPizza panini sandwichFresh salad with grilled chickenFresh cheesecakeHeritage Wine Cellars delicious BLTDouble decker club sandwichFresh hot pepperoni balls